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By weight!

An airline in Samoa  is about to charge fares according to the passenger’s weight. Great if you’re travelling with children. Keith   more soon Read more →

Chamber of commerce award

At a networking group last night we received a prize from the Chamber of Commerce . We got first prize in  the Innovative business section.       Read more →

Latest commercial aviation news

I have added a page to the main website where I can post news that is useful to  fearful flyers and where you can get unbiased comment on the things… Read more →


We have just enrolled the 2504th member to our fear of flying community. If you haven’t joined or looked at it … do so now. There’s more support and help… Read more →


Our next fear o f flying course is on saturday next … 23rd Feb  Give me a call on 10420 588 628 if you’d like to come along. Keith Read more →

Hi again Captain Keith, Thank you so very much for sending me your book just hours before my flight, it was so good of you and a real God send!… Read more →

Ryanair CEO

We really do have to wonder what Mr O’Leary is trying to do when he makes comments … like the ones he has been reported as saying today. How could… Read more →

I want to fly it!!!!!

So the Dreamliner goes into service. What a fantastic plane In 1984 I was lucky enough to be  licensed  to fly the world’s most advanced plane. The Boeing 757. Everywhere… Read more →

From the Channel 4 programme

Across all commercial airlines, accidents occur at a rate of one per 1.2million flights. 40% of people experience some level of anxiety about flying. The odds that the average American… Read more →

Back from Rome

I’ve just had the fun of a few days in Rome… Rome It’s interesting to see flying from a passenger’s point of view… after a lifetime of being taken to… Read more →