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Retired Pilots and the Airbus 350

I don’t know if other retired people miss what they do and yearn to go back to work. I retired 15 years ago and, after a great career never once… Read more →

Terror in the Skies

Lat month a member of the fear of flying community (Logbook24/7) wrote to me  about a forthcoming television programme. Another air disaster programme I thought but promised to watch and… Read more →

Airbus Engine Problem. Latest information.

The latest information on the Airbus engine problems on 24th May  has just been released. As I guessed and reported earlier there is a more to this incident than first… Read more →

Airbus Engine Problem and Pakistan airlines diversion

May 24th 2013 I am trying to gather information on the incident involving a British Airways Airbus 319 which returned to Heathrow shortly after taking off. Most of the ‘information’… Read more →

Another airline flies the 787

United Airlines resumed revenue flights on its fleet of Boeing 787-8 aircraft today, a little more than a month since the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) cleared the type to… Read more →

Latest newsletter  Hi and welcome to the latest help letter, As I’m sure you know, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is now back in service. You may have been anxious or… Read more →

Dreamliner B787

There may well have been an audible worldwide sigh of relief from some airline boardrooms when news broke that the FAA had approved Boeing’s comprehensive battery fix for its troubled 787 Dreamliner…. Read more →

Courses abroad!

It’s interesting to see the reaction of people who help others with the fear of flying. Next month a U.K. airline is taking its course to New York. This has… Read more →


GOOGLE+   I’ve just started a fear of flying page here  so if you want to look in there too please join me.   Keith Read more →

New Page on the website

On the last course we discussed all these subjects  and a whole lot more too … Turbulence Flying in a storm Radio failure What if questions How would we deal… Read more →