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Air disaster programmes on the telly!

Hi everyone, As promised a quick rundown on the garbage I witnessed on the latest TV ‘documentary’. I don’t have time or space to comment fully and I missed half… Read more →

Mental Health of Pilots

The fear of flying …random events Security is something that commercial aviation takes very seriously. When a pilot took control of an aircraft and deliberately flew it into the ground… Read more →

Things we talked about on the last course

Turbulence   (Turbulence App here) Take off Seat belt Signs Panic attacks Walking around and unbalancing the plane Crashing What causes  turbulence  (Turbulence App here) Not being in control Fear is… Read more →

Course on 22nd July

This is some of the stuff we discussed, along with how planes fly How they stay up. Intermittent fear. Short flights. Long flights. “Don’t like how high we are.” Claustrophobia… Read more →

Aircrash detectives!

There seems to be a lot of stuff on the tele about air crashes and as a matter of policy I try to watch them, in the forlorn hope that one… Read more →

Thanks Captain Keith (Blog 602)

March 21st 2016 Dear Captain Keith I finally got some time to write some thank you for your amazing online course. I can’t believe that I was acutally on board… Read more →

Trains, planes, the Great Barrier Reef and Woodstock

It was a bank holiday and we took the grandchildren on an old steam railway train. With my new f2.8 super dooper lens I rattled off dozens of pictures. It… Read more →

Air Show Crash Shoreham UK and its associated websites has always maintained the principle of factually correct and unambiguous information to help fearful flyers. We strive to use language and descriptions that is consistent… Read more →

Human Factors and aviation safety

Friday August 14th 2015 This evening an independent UK television channel broadcast an interesting and generally accurate programme about the crash of a British European Airways Trident aircraft at London… Read more →

The website, Forum and on-line course

      When I started the website over thirteen  years ago it was called scared of We were the first website helping fearful flyers to post videos… Read more →