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Fear of flying. Pilot’s windscreens.

The pilots’ screens are usually made of three independent layers of glass each reinforced to enormous strength. Even if two layers shattered the screen would be strong enough to do… Read more →

Fear of Flying Air Traffic Control

Today’s blog is about Air Traffic Control or ATC as it’s known in the trade. ATC is a completely integrated system where the path of a flight is tracked and… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Training standards

The world of aviation has always been at the leading edge of training and technology. Here we can see a young lady training for her Instrument and Multi- engine Ratings…. Read more →

Fear of flying. Sights and Sounds Seminar

‘August 2007’: On our new Seminar we’re going to offer you one of the best experiences you can have if you have a fear of flying. One of the most… Read more →

The lighter side of a fear of flying.

 I happened to hear this joke on the radio from an eccentric English comedian called Tommy Cooper. “If you stand in a library and scream, everyone stares silently at you…. Read more →

In Flight Fear of Flying Guide

 Here’s a peek inside; The fear of flying is not a weakness…it’s just the way you are. A fear of flying can be overcome. Develop a … Remember that planes… Read more →

A fear of flying success story.

Elizabeth who is one of our regular contributors on the forum …had a really bad fear of flying combined with claustrophobia. A simple piece of information about planes combined with… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Best book ever.

 June2007 We’re proud to announce that we’re re-printing the book ‘Flying without Fear’ again. It has been Amazon’s best seller in the genre since publication in 2003. It has helped… Read more →

A bit of anxiety about flying… even for me.

This weekend I flew over to Guernsey to see my grandchildren …and got another insight into why airlines, airport and delays cause so much concern. First of all we rushed… Read more →

Fear of flying “Join our Forum”

From a recent success story. “I have to be honest, I have never held with ‘Forums’ as such and, when I initially found this site and saw ‘Join our Forum’… Read more →