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Fear of Flying. New Web site home page.

The most popular and helpful feature of our web site is the help forum. If you have a fear of flying then this is the best help resource available anywhere… Read more →

Fear of flying. Knowledge.

A fear of flying is often heightened at the airport if an aircraft is undergoing maintenance while it is parked in view of the passengers. During a routine steering and… Read more →

Fear of flying. Turboprop aircraft

Sometimes a fear of flying can be aggravated by the type of plane that you fly in. Most common is a fear of flying in an aircraft that has propellers…. Read more →

Fear of flying. Engine reliability.

One of the regular questions about a fear of flying that I’m asked is about the reliability of engines. Engines are replaced as soon a sthey have flown a certain… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Listen & Go.

Some years ago I met the actor Jasper Britton who came on a  fear of flying course A little later I met a lady who said that an Audio CD… Read more →

Fear of flying. Travel Tip.

 Don’t make your fear of flying worse by ignoring it …and just hoping that when the time comes to step on board you’ll find the courage. Careful preparation of your… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Help on our website.

There are many ways to overcome a fear of flying, but the single most important ingredient is knowledge. We hope that you’ll find our ‘visual help’ page an easy way… Read more →

Fear of flying. Getting sensible help.

If you have a fear of flying one of the hardest things  is knowing where you can find help. Anyone with a fear of flying feels isolated and vulnerable and… Read more →

Fear of flying. Safety in winter.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere airlines will just be preparing for the winter weather. Pilots, engineers and ground handling staff will start to undergo their annual refresher training on winter… Read more →

Fear of Flying. Navigation

The first navigation exercises that new pilots undergo are prepared with a map, a pencil and a clock. They know which way the wind is blowing from the forecasts and… Read more →