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Safety on board…have a plan

Here’s a subject that most people with a fear of flying tend to ignore…for obvious reasons. Passenger Safety Announcement. On a recent flight, as the safety briefing was being given,… Read more →

Don’t assume…

On my way to Guernsey this week I spotted a great line in a magazine and it was  “Don’t assume that going with the big brands guarantees quality.” It’s something… Read more →

Don’t delay…the sooner the better.

This year we’ve run a course each month. And each month we get  messages on the social network or via Email from people who are about to take a flight… Read more →

The biggest and best

Hi everyone and welcome to the newest and biggest resource for anyone with a fear of flying. As you can imagine setting up a new site is very time… Read more →

Free ‘Helpcasts’

  Click here for  our free helpcasts.       Read more →

Mistaken Identity

 My thanks to a couple of people who have written to me about their ‘course’ with our competitors. For the help and support you now need and for encouragement check… Read more →


An interesting program on the television last night discussed survivability in emergency situations. The overriding conclusion was that having a plan of what to do is the biggest factor in… Read more →

Fear of Flying

Just in case you think you’re the only person who is anxious about flying, you’re not… we’ve had nearly 10,000 visitors from 117 countries so far this month. (18th February… Read more →

Relax Remember and Go Flying without Fear

Our In flight Guide is the perfect thing to slip into your pocket or handbag if you’re an anxious flyer. It’s packed with useful tips for every stage of your… Read more →

Fear of flying

2009 Compared with most web sites ours doesn’t figure. In the group that helps people with a fear of flying we’re doing fine! We just clocked up our millionth visit… Read more →