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Bad weather and the fear of flying

Each year in europe when the weather is ‘bad’ I get a lot of enquiries about the safety aspects of flying. The first thing to remember is that the chaos… Read more →

Christmas day security scare

The attempted attack on a civil aircraft on Christmas day reveals many important aspects of aviation security. We must all play our part in promoting safety for each other. That… Read more →

Join LOGBOOK 24/7 for help from other fearful flyers.

Our social network for people who have a fear of flying has been on line for just about a year and this week we had our 500th member join us…. Read more →

A really personal service.

On our recent fear of flying courses you have told us that the most effective part of what we do is that we give you a  personal service  that deals… Read more →

USA friends and customers

While I was in the USA  recently I realised that they/you sell things in a very different way from the way we do here. We tend to be fairly conservative… Read more →

TURBULENCE …and the fear of flying

As members of the fear of flying social network are aware I’ve just returned from a holiday in the USA. We flew to Phoenix and then visited eight of the… Read more →

Pilots’ hours

Oh dear! Anyone who has been on our fear of flying course knows what I think of the media and their reports about aviation. On the course we take a… Read more →

Captain Keith (cv)

Here’s my cv… just in case you you wonder why you should have confidence in me Captain Keith Learned to glide Nov 1959. Learned to fly 1961. Qualified as an… Read more →

Turbulence in the car wash

On we try to compare flying to the ordinary things in life that we take for granted. I’m always on the lookout for ways to understand your fear of… Read more →


Fear of flying or Fear of being on the Radio? I had great fun the other day being interviewed by Jim Cathcart on Radio Guernsey. Even though I’ve done a… Read more →