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What if?

I wonder what your ‘what if’ question is? Please send me your question CONTACT US HERE   Read more →

Our First Blog 29th May 2007

We have had many many people ask us about why and how came to be…here is our story told by Captain Keith.. Our first site, started life with… Read more →

Media Drivel

There is a very good picture in a British national newspaper today (12th May 2011) of an aircraft flying into Heathrow. It shows the plane being struck by lightning. The… Read more →

Fear of Flying Course

After several long chats on the telephone , I managed to help  a couple of people take trips this week. Despite their initial worries, they managed to take trips across… Read more →

Snow and Ice and Planes

At this time of the year I get flooded with enquiries about how the ‘bad’ weather affects planes. Like everything in aviation there has been a lot of effort put… Read more →

Fear Of Flying Course

Our reputation is obviously getting around. This coming course has someone flying in from Moscow to be with us plus a couple of people who live in the town here…. Read more →

2000 Forum Members

The worlds biggest resource for people with a fear of flying is getting even bigger. We are  getting more and more people joining the social network and more and more… Read more →

Fear of Flying supportletter

Hi Keith from E.B. London Good timing with this supportletter. I’m flying this evening! The information will be fresh in my head when I’m feeling strange movements. For thousands of… Read more →

Twitter and Facebook

Our take on helping people to overcome their fear of flying is to offer what people want. So we’re on Twitter and Facebook now. If you have an account please… Read more →

How not to overcome a fear

Hi.  It’s the easiest thing in the world to be critical of the way other people do things. But this is to remind you that big brands don’t guarantee quality…. Read more →