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The mad professor. Terror in the skies.

… seems to have run out of death threatening situations though he did make the best of weak material. but of course the highlights of the show were the opinions… Read more →

Monthly helpletter

. Just received a very nice letter thanking me for the recent help letter. If you’d like to receive a copy each month please email me at Keith Read more →

New Page on the website

On the last course we discussed all these subjects  and a whole lot more too … Turbulence Flying in a storm Radio failure What if questions How would we deal… Read more →


We have just enrolled the 2504th member to our fear of flying community. If you haven’t joined or looked at it … do so now. There’s more support and help… Read more →

Just in case this is your language!

Read more →

Fear of flying help..all around the world..

From slow beginings.. Three  and half years ago we were able …to help  someone who emailed us… and so we  started a small blog/forum …today we have nearly two and… Read more →

Dear Keith,  I arrived safely in the UK and …just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and tips for my flight with Q  from P last… Read more →

Air safety…not a reason for fear

There was a lot of uninformed comment about the evacuation of a plane at London’s Gatwick airport this week. The fact is that the crew are trained to shout at… Read more →

Fear of Flying Newsletters

Hi Keith I just wanted to say that I find your newsletters really useful. I first contacted you when I flew outside of Europe for the first time to NYC,… Read more →

New Blog Look

As you know our main objective is to help you  to overcome your fear of flying. This keeps us busy enough, however we’ve found time to improve our blog and… Read more →