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Flight from Heathrow to Montreal and back

2007 For anyone who is normally anxious about turbulence …you should have been on the transatlantic crossing with me yesterday. (and then on the trip back again) Absolutely perfect all the… Read more →

Getting around the web site

2003 A few months ago when we launched this new site we planned on some features that would make it helpful to visitors. We had no idea that it would… Read more →

Aviation technology

While I was waiting for my Pilot trainees to arrive today, I had time to read an article in Flight International. It was about a technology that was being developed… Read more →

A nice surprise for us at Flying without Fear

Denis Bergcamp kindly sent his photograph after receiving our CD set and Book. It’s well known that his anxiety about flying meant that there were many matches that he missed… Read more →

Our Best Selling Help Book

  Flying without Fear 2009 NOW 3 VOLUMES INCORPORATED INTO ONE BOOK It has become an Amazon bestseller, with excellent customer reviews and has an average customer rating of 5… Read more →

How Flying without started

We have had many many people ask us about why and how came to be …here is our story told by Captain Keith.. Our first site, started life… Read more →

Speech at the World Fear of Flying Conference

Extract from Captain Keith Godfrey’s speech at World Fear of Flying Conference hosted by ICAO in Montreal, Canada. The use of pilot training skills in the support of anxious passengers…. Read more →

Capt Keith at the World Fear of Flying Conference

We are pleased to say that Captain Keith Godfrey has  been invited to speak at the world fear of flying conference hosted by the International Civil Aviation Organization This conference… Read more →

Flying without Fear Blog 2007

The Team at Flying without Fear have recently started this blog to provide useful and insightful articles, comment and news about Fear of flying help. We have a comprehensive site… Read more →