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Hints and Tips

Message : Hi Keith, I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful commitment to helping sufferers with a fear of flying. I had purchased the DVD from this… Read more →

Latest newsletter  Hi and welcome to the latest help letter, As I’m sure you know, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is now back in service. You may have been anxious or… Read more →

Monthly helpletter

. Just received a very nice letter thanking me for the recent help letter. If you’d like to receive a copy each month please email me at Keith Read more →

“Hello Captain Keith I’m viewing the videos of take off and landing a lot at the moment to desensitize me to noises and motions.”   This is exactly how the… Read more →

i Pad

Found a great app on the free store last night It allows you to track flights… I tracked a plane that was parked at Gatwick. I heard a suggestion that… Read more →

FEAR could be…

False   Evidence  Appearing   Real I was talking on a Radio show today about fear and someone on the show mentioned this as a useful tip for people with any fear…. Read more →

I would like to say thank you

I would like to say thank you.  I have listened to all your free helpcasts and just listening to them has helped me greatly.  Sneaky, sneaky, putting all those airplane… Read more →

Top tips from the website

I hope that you’re familiar with our website just in case you’re not here’s one of the first pages you should visit, …because everyone wants to know how to get… Read more →

Link to your Fear of Flying assessment

Try this survey to measure your fear of flying  Access the survey here From the page: This a modified form of a fear of flying survey originally published in a… Read more →