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Winter Weather

WINTER WEATHER Author Captain Keith Winter operations I know that for many fearful flyers the onset of winter brings reminders of the dangers of flying this is because we think… Read more →

Course on 22nd July

This is some of the stuff we discussed, along with how planes fly How they stay up. Intermittent fear. Short flights. Long flights. “Don’t like how high we are.” Claustrophobia… Read more →

Fear of flying Blog

It seems that there has been nothing of great importance in the last few months that has been of significance to fearful flyers. As a result this blog has been… Read more →

20,000 and counting

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What’s going on …

More people book for our fear of flying course as the year advances. More people regret not doing something about their fear sooner than those who do. More fearful flyers… Read more →

Workshop Book

One of the products we give away on our fear of flying course is this Workshop Book. It’s 68 pages of helpful information for fearful flyers. It starts  by describing… Read more →

Best seller

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Blog information

There are almost 300 blog articles on this site. They are designed to be of interest to fearful flyers. I recommend that you have a look through them because it’s… Read more →

Accident at San Francisco. Ignore speculative comments

I’m sure that by now you will have heard about the accident  to the Asiana Airways Boeing 777. I receive newsletters from a number of aviation sources but the one… Read more →

Reality. The fear of flying.

I’ve been reading the views of two people this week, fortunately I’m familiar with their teachings and ideas otherwise I might reject one and accept the other without thinking about… Read more →