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Success Stories

We have just returned from a trip to see our son in Australia!

Hi Keith, Not sure you will remember me but I came along to your course as a “supporter” for my wife almost a year ago. Well we have just returned… Read more →

I had a wonderful vacation on Mexico!

Hello Captain Keith, I would like to thank you for your help!! I had a wonderful vacation on Mexico! The flights were fine and believe it or not, I kind… Read more →

In Hong Kong!

In Hong kong now and by God I did it! And I was so calm and collected even though it was a bit bumpy through most of Russia and half… Read more →

6 years cured of the fear of flying

To Captain Keith I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the huge help you have been to me. My parents live in Spain and other family live… Read more →

Course News

Thank you Keith and Vivienne so much for the fear of flying  ground course I attended yesterday. (November 19th) Reflecting on the day, the most important thing I came away… Read more →


Back home after 2 weeks of turquoise sea, blue skies, seeing turtles and ancient Roman and Lycian ruins and walking on Lycian Way. Flight out B757 200 cloudy-everything JUST ROUTINE…. Read more →

Hi I would really like to thank you

Hi I would really like to thank you I never thought I would ever be able 2 enjoy a flight ever again! During take off every time I would get… Read more →

Facebook likes.

You have certainly helped me! CDs are brilliant I was able to fly to America in April, because of you – over the course of the past five years, as… Read more →

I am rather proud of myself

Hi Captain Keith! Hope you are well! I am rather proud of myself I took another return flight from Belfast to Standsted with easyjet on Tuesday I was only in… Read more →

“…certainly opened my world up.”

Hi Keith Just was touching base after a period of time, as I find myself a bit apprehensive about flying to JFK from LHR on Thursday, A and I are… Read more →