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Success Stories

I did it!

Hi Captain Keith, Well, I DID IT!!! I actually got on my scheduled flight to Arizona!  I was extremely nervous, scared an d anxious especially for the return trip as… Read more →

Thanks Captain Keith

Hi Captain Keith My name is Joseph I am Maltese so been flying for quite a few years once I had a bad flght and since then that’s when my… Read more →

Posted on LOGBOOK 24/7

Dear Captain Keith, Thank you so much!! I took your advice… and by the time of the flight I felt so knowlagable about all the noises and feeling etc that I was… Read more →

Fear of flying success story

Dear Captain keith, A few weeks ago I joined your site because I was flying to New York, and like all my flights I was having tremendous anxiety. I always… Read more →

Best book ever !!!

BEST BOOK EVER!!! I have just completed an overseas holiday which included 8 flights and your book made it so much easier for me and I relied on valium a… Read more →

“It’s such a relief to feel free of the burden of my fear of flying”

Hi Keith. I have recommended your course to everyone I can! I am so amazed and excited by the change in my attitude towards flying. Thanks to one day spent… Read more →

From Russia without Fear

We were delighted to welcome Olga to our fear of flying course today. We run the course in Alton Hampshire in the UK. Olga had flown in from Moscow to… Read more →

THANK YOU a million times Captain Keith.

THANK YOU a million times captain Keith. Have just returned from Kos (4 hour flight) and was actually excited to be on the plane. Went out in the day and… Read more →

Another fear of flying success story

Hi Keith, It’s K. here, you spoke to me just before I flew off on holiday, I am back now. I remembered all the things you told me on the… Read more →


It’s hard to quantify or measure success …the fear of flying faced by the people who come to and our 24/7 social network is probably greater than the fear… Read more →