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Success Stories


Dear Captain Keith, I want to thank you for the Turbulence Tamer app (Android version)- it has done wonders to alleviate my fear of turbulence! I live in Germany and visit… Read more →

Fear of boats and things that float

I have never enjoyed anything that is connected with water. I don’t like swimming I don’t like sailing I don’t enjoy walking to the end of a pier. I don’t… Read more →

Letters and emails

I was clearing out some paper from one of my desk drawers and found this. It was posted on a form that I ran a long while ago.   This… Read more →

Thanks Captain Keith (Blog 602)

March 21st 2016 Dear Captain Keith I finally got some time to write some thank you for your amazing online course. I can’t believe that I was acutally on board… Read more →

The personal fear of flying course

I never ask people for testimonials and neither do I take’ before and after’ videos. To me, helping people to overcome their fear of flying is a private contract between… Read more →


Hi Keith, So…where do I begin?  So both flights were fairly turbulent in my eyes.  No more than, say, 5-10 mins of what I consider to be smooth.  But, I… Read more →

Fear of flying Blog

It seems that there has been nothing of great importance in the last few months that has been of significance to fearful flyers. As a result this blog has been… Read more →

50 Years without Flying and then …

Keith, I had not flown for nearly 50, yes 50 years, after a bad experience. I bought your 4 Disc CD set some years ago and it completely cured my… Read more →

We’ll get you flying … that’s our promise

Junes says He sure will! I’ve recently returned from my second trip to Australia flying on my own! Absolutely fantastic man who is always there for you, to support you,… Read more →

Across the Atlantic with a fearful flyer!

This is a message posted on our fear of flying community LogBook 24/7 which incidentally has 3002 members. Why not join? Dear all, So I’m back from my long long trans… Read more →