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Captain Keith’s Comments

To be or not to be…

It wasn’t only Hamlet who worried… The play was described by Lord Olivier as the man who could not make up his mind…even though his course of action was pretty… Read more →

Jumbo Jet Programme

I did post a message on the forum ….that the BBC 3 programme was worth watching… It was  the one about the six year overhaiul of a Jumbo jet belonging… Read more →

Farnborough Air Show 2012

They call it summer but today it continued raining… so I wondered whether to spend £41  (£82)  on a ticket (s) into the air show… but unfortunately I’d used up… Read more →

Commercial Aviation Safety

I was so busy talking about safety briefings on my last blog  that I forgot to talk about the magazine that prompted me to write. I had picked up an… Read more →

Flight Safety

I was reading an old copy of my Flight Safety magazine last night. I was interested to see that one of the main subjects was about cabin evacuation. On our… Read more →

Aircraft safety and the fear of flying

Recently a few fearful flyers have Flying is normal been sending internet links about ‘wing cracks’… …and wanting me to explain and re-assure them about it. This is a perfectly… Read more →

Fear of flying phone call

It’s always nice to receive a phone call from someone we’ve helped… but yesterday was different. Not only did I hear from an excited fearful flyer I was asked to… Read more →

Flying tips

Here’s some interesting stuff I found on the Boeing FAQ page Pay attention to the flight attendants. Listen to safety briefings, even if you’ve heard them many times. Review the… Read more →

How many?

Right now there are approximately 460,000 people flying on commercial aircraft. In a year airliners, fly the equivalent of  100 million flights around the equator. Every 30 minutes a plane… Read more →

“How can a jumbo jet fly?”

A common question about planes from people with a fear of flying is: “How can something as big as a jumbo jet fly?” The answer is simple…take a brick into… Read more →