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Captain Keith’s Comments

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Brooklands museum

You may know of Brooklands if you live in the UK. It was the first motor racing track in the country, recognisable by its banked track. Years ago it became… Read more →

Safety Culture. Sleeping pilots.

In a news item this morning it was stated that a number (approximately a ninth) of the pilot workforce had woken to find the other pilot asleep. First question is… Read more →

A fear of flying question … and answer

Hi Captain Keith, I want to say a big thank you once again for all your help and advice at putting my mind at rest before going on another flight,… Read more →

Money money money and flying without fear

Today I was at a local business group and our speaker was a chap who deals with financial planning. His presentation was excellent, it was well constructed well delivered and… Read more →

24/7 Help, wherever you are in the world

In the course of a week’s work I chat with many fearful flyers, answering questions, giving support or motivating someone  sitting in a departure lounge.  There are no other websites… Read more →

Accident at San Francisco. Ignore speculative comments

I’m sure that by now you will have heard about the accident  to the Asiana Airways Boeing 777. I receive newsletters from a number of aviation sources but the one… Read more →

The mad professor. Terror in the skies.

… seems to have run out of death threatening situations though he did make the best of weak material. but of course the highlights of the show were the opinions… Read more →

British Airways

I’m always pleased to publicise the company that pays my pension …  I’ve just noticed that on most routes they now have a policy of allowing passengers to use their… Read more →

More garbage from the mad professor

You’ve all heard my rantings about the media so I thought I’d tune in to Terror in the Skies and just watch it like a normal person. How can anyone… Read more →