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About planes and flying

Terror in the Skies

Lat month a member of the fear of flying community (Logbook24/7) wrote to me  about a forthcoming television programme. Another air disaster programme I thought but promised to watch and… Read more →

Dreamliner B787

There may well have been an audible worldwide sigh of relief from some airline boardrooms when news broke that the FAA had approved Boeing’s comprehensive battery fix for its troubled 787 Dreamliner…. Read more →

Beautiful or beautiful?


Common Fears about flying

common FearsThanks for your website…I read bits and pieces especially when I am about to take a long trip.  I’m not necessarily scared of flying….I’m scared of dying!  lol.  Seriously… Read more →

Back on line

I don’t know why hackers bother with our blog but they do  now  I’m pleased to say we’re back and running, so I’ll be keeping you up to date again…. Read more →

Ryanair CEO

We really do have to wonder what Mr O’Leary is trying to do when he makes comments … like the ones he has been reported as saying today. How could… Read more →

I want to fly it!!!!!

So the Dreamliner goes into service. What a fantastic plane In 1984 I was lucky enough to be  licensed  to fly the world’s most advanced plane. The Boeing 757. Everywhere… Read more →

“The stewardesses were panicking and shouting (at) people to go one way, then the other.

YES That’s the way they are supposed to do it, otherwise people don’t pay attention. Maybe this person interpreted shouting as panic….if so they were wrong. Captain Keith   Read more →

The rule of blogs is to never send your readers to another site but this lady is too beautiful  to be missed…at any price. This plane is NOT being flown… Read more →

How or is it Why planes fly?

 Here is a spoon       Here is the same spoon the other way up …if you conceal the handle, the back of the spoon is not very different… Read more →