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Winter Weather

WINTER WEATHER Author Captain Keith Winter operations I know that for many fearful flyers the onset of winter brings reminders of the dangers of flying this is because we think… Read more →

SULLY… the miracle of the Hudson

Apart from the audience attracting title I found this Tom Hanks film quite entertaining. It was faithful to the facts and the initial doubting of the pilots decision was all… Read more →

100,000 flights each day! (2014)

   Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) released Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders, a detailed report on the aviation industry, in April 2014. The report shows that there are 37.4 million flights scheduled… Read more →

20,000 and counting

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Best seller

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Across the Atlantic twice and …

It’s always nice to take a break in the winter, so on my airline rebated tickets we popped over to Barbados. Antigua was full so next alphabetically was  … But the… Read more →

Wow … that many, that much, that far!

IATA research is forecasting that around half the world’s population will fly during the course of this year with an overall prediction of 3,3 billion passengers flying globally. As further… Read more →

Recent A380 Diversion

You’ve heard me say it lots of time that there is the world of difference between press reports about aircraft incidents, and the facts.   Today I have to add… Read more →

Brooklands museum

You may know of Brooklands if you live in the UK. It was the first motor racing track in the country, recognisable by its banked track. Years ago it became… Read more →

A fear of flying question … and answer

Hi Captain Keith, I want to say a big thank you once again for all your help and advice at putting my mind at rest before going on another flight,… Read more →