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Hi Keith, So…where do I begin?  So both flights were fairly turbulent in my eyes.  No more than, say, 5-10 mins of what I consider to be smooth.  But, I… Read more →

Human Factors and aviation safety

Friday August 14th 2015 This evening an independent UK television channel broadcast an interesting and generally accurate programme about the crash of a British European Airways Trident aircraft at London… Read more →

The website, Forum and on-line course

      When I started the website over thirteen  years ago it was called scared of We were the first website helping fearful flyers to post videos… Read more →

Fear of flying Blog

It seems that there has been nothing of great importance in the last few months that has been of significance to fearful flyers. As a result this blog has been… Read more →

La Guardia Accident

              Regular visitors to the website will know my views on media reporting of accidents and incidents involving passenger planes. This incident is no… Read more →

100,000 flights each day! (2014)

   Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) released Aviation Benefits Beyond Borders, a detailed report on the aviation industry, in April 2014. The report shows that there are 37.4 million flights scheduled… Read more →

50 Years without Flying and then …

Keith, I had not flown for nearly 50, yes 50 years, after a bad experience. I bought your 4 Disc CD set some years ago and it completely cured my… Read more →

Safety Briefing

Maybe it’s because I saw a very nasty accident when I was 20, over 50 years ago now. Ever since then I have been almost obsessive about safety. Although I… Read more →

On-line Fear of Flying Course

There’s nothing worse than promising to do something and not fulfilling that promise. Somewhat embarrassingly I’ve been promising to make  the new on line course available for a while now… Read more →

We’ll get you flying … that’s our promise

Junes says He sure will! I’ve recently returned from my second trip to Australia flying on my own! Absolutely fantastic man who is always there for you, to support you,… Read more →