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About Us

We have been described as the voice of reason. We say things in a way that is helpful to fear of flying sufferers , we don’t dumb down and we don’t  exaggerate, we say things as they are.

Unlike most fear of flying sites we don’t insist that our way of addressing your fear is the only way. However we believe that knowledge is a priority, knowledge of flying and knowledge of how to combat your fear.  There isn’t a quick fix or a magic pill.

If  you want or need to overcome your fear of flying then we promise to help you.  You will get personal attention, you will be supported, guided and encouraged for as long as you need it.

Helping you is more important to us than anything else. That’s why and how we can make a promise to get you flying. We will give you our personal attention.

We have more help available than  any other company on the internet. If you want to be sure of overcoming your fear then look no further you’ve found the place that will help you to overcome your fear permanently. We don’t guarantee that it’s an easy journey because as I said earlier there is  no quick fix, despite what you might have read. By letting us help you, you can be certain that you’ll be getting the best help possible.

Or if you just want to work thru’ things on your own then our community for fearful flyers is a great place to find like minded people…who will be on hand to encourage you and share their experiences with you. Maybe you will be one of the stars…one of the many people who against the most amazing odds have  overcome a fear of flying.

Thanks for joining us here.

Please tell others about our website , this blog and our community.


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