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IMG_5221Dear Captain Keith,

I want to thank you for the Turbulence Tamer app (Android version)- it has done wonders to alleviate my fear of turbulence!

I live in Germany and visit family in NZ once a year. I should visit twice a year but the thought of turbulence restricted me to once a year. Every year, about two weeks before the planned departure date, I would start to have anxiety about turbulence and it led to many restless nights. I would look for a way out, e.g. hope for a snowstorm to ground the flights, traffic jams making me miss the initial flight or claim that I couldn’t afford to come. All because of a terribly (in my opinion) turbulent flight years ago from Singapore to Frankfurt.

In December 2017, I downloaded your app and what a difference it made to flying! I got back last night from NZ and these flights were the first flights in years where I have felt relaxed during turbulence. ‘Seeing’ the turbulence on the app convinced me that there really isn’t so much movement as I had always imagined. In fact, a car ride on country roads in NZ showed much greater bumps.

Perhaps the flights were also less bumpy due to flying on A380s, which seem to be very stable and perhaps we simply had good flying conditions along the way. However, even when it was bumpy, I didn’t get stressed and grip the armrests or seek reassurance from the flight attendants. I simply viewed the turbulence on the app and saw with my eyes that it wasn’t actually as bumpy as I had imagined. The reassuring little pop-up messages helped too (although the sceptic in me wonders what message (if at all) would appear if it was severe turbulence). Oftentimes I would listen to your recorded message about turbulence and found it extremely reassuring. I even tried to match the ‘downs’ with the corresponding ‘ups’- you’re right, we do tend to only notice the downward motion.

I’ve always read reviews about apps with scepticism but I have seen firsthand how effective your app is. The reassurance from your message, as well as the visual ‘proof’ of the turbulence have completely changed my attitude to flying. During the three flights to NZ, I was constantly viewing the app at the first sign of turbulence; however, during the three flights back to Germany, I felt calm, relaxed and wasn’t worried about the turbulence at all, even when flying over the Bay of Bengal, which always seems to be bumpy. I used to dread flying over this area. Your catchphrase ‘turbulence may be uncomfortable but that’s not the same as dangerous’ certainly holds true.

Today, I have been scouring the Emirates website to book another flight to NZ for July!

Thank you once again,


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