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Course on 22nd July

This is some of the stuff we discussed, along with how planes fly

How they stay up.

Intermittent fear.

Short flights.

Long flights.

“Don’t like how high we are.”

Claustrophobia and being stuck on board.

Everything’s OK when you’re on the ground!

Turbulence, how bad can it get?

wish the crew would advise the passengers when the plane turns.

Seat Belt signs.

I’m happiest when I know the plane is about to land.

Anxiety levels increase nearer the flight.

What do pilots do off duty?

What have they done the night before?

Worst case scenario … catastrophising.

Drinking before flight.

Being in control.

Being out of control.

Things going wrong.


Everyone asked as many questions as they needed to.

Everyone left with a strategy.

Everyone left with Books, CD, fear of flying Audio Course Videos, Workshop booklet and Audio.

If you can’t get to the course before you fly and you’re worried about turbulence, this App will help you.

Best wishes


Captain Keith







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