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I was clearing out some paper from one of my desk drawers and found this. It was posted on a form that I ran a long while ago.


This is my first postScreen Shot 2017-03-24 at 08.06.09 on the forum. Although I have been lucky enough to have benefited from Captain keith’s  great work for many years now for anyone who is interested my fear of flying goes back to an extremely turbulent flight or at least as I remember it when I was 18 in 1996.

However four years later I met a girl who I am very happy to say is now my wife, and (un)fortunately for me she has a relentless determination for holidaying abroad. She has managed five times in the last 10 years to get me on a plane (including our honeymoon), and the flight had always terrified me (since 1996 I have been a white knuckle flyer) … until I came across Capt Keith’s book and website I would love to say that Captain Keith is completely cured my fear of flying but alas he did not. However because he has explained everybump noise and sensation you will ever feel and hear during a flight, Captain Keith gave me the understanding I needed to build my confidence up enough to get on an aeroplane with some degree of self assurance (admittedly I still can’t say I now enjoy it) what I will say is that since coming across his book and website it has truly change my life.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 08.09.24

I have visited more places than I could have imagined back in 1966 when my fear began, including Mykonos Kos Haldiliki and Corfu (my wife loves Greece) and also Milan, Dublin, New York and Pittsburgh in August this year I will be travelling to Cuba, Japan, and China, a total of 60 hours flying time.

Before I was lucky enough to have found Captain Keith’s book I could not have even contemplated taking a 30 minute flight let alone 60 hours in one month. In fact before the flying without fear book I would have found every possible excuse not to travel even if it cost me my job.  I’m even now still nervous about these flights but thanks to Captain Keith I know I can get through them fine and enjoy great holiday/work trip on arrival.

I am so grateful to Captain Keith is that I now worry more about the weather at my destination than I do about the flight.

For all of you, like I was, that are truly terrified of flying, you can conquer your fear, if I can do it anyone can






Thank you Captain  Keith my life would not be anything like as good without your help.







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