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I am writing to express by deepest thanks to you, Captain Keith as you aware I am from Island of Malta and during a flight home I had an horrendous experience in the air, resulting in my phobia of flights, Because of my phobia I only managed to visit home by driving a long difficult journey]


But I had no alternative, I would not fly] Fortunately, after some research, my wife found your website and booked me a course with you, I thank you for your patience, skill professional and care, As a result of this  very positive experience, I now can travel with total confidence, In fact I  have flown to Thailand Barbados Singapore, all long haul and normas flights to continent in Europe

Malta the home of a fearful flyer

This would have been totally impossible before the course,and has totally changed my life, I would thoroughly recommend that any body else out there who has a similar phobia  take up the offer of your course, well worth every penny for a life changing experience, I cannot express enough how grateful we are as a family we can now live our lives to the full,

Thanks to you Regard Joe


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