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The Fear of Flying 2016 (Blog 601)

With the best will in the world it’s almost impossible to singlehandedly maintain two social networks three websites a worldwide social forum without occasionally falling behind.
In addition at the end of last year I was persuaded to separate the help and commerce sites that were previously on a combined site.This blog then is the first for a long while , too long a while but it is going to be at the top of future tasks.

Recently I have been dealing with a number of people who have had particular problems with their fear of flying, it has resulted in many telephone calls several meetings, trips to airports and some simulator flights.

What it has shown me is that many fearful flyers have a determination to succeed that it can be an inspiration to others. It would be wrong of me to identify those people because their fear is personal to them. I try to speak only generically when people approach me and when they succeed.

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fear of flying heading


I shall add another blog page this week. I will write about why you needn’t worry if everyone in the check in queue has an enormous amount of baggage with them. The plane will never be too heavy to take off.


Captain Keith


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