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When I started the website over thirteen  years ago it was called scared of

We were the first website helping fearful flyers to post videos and we were the first to have extensive,  free help.  It ran into over 150 pages of information. We were so successful that most of what we did was copied*. Unfortunately for our competitors just para phrasing and reworking sentences doesn’t work. A statement of fact is a statement of fact but to help a fearful flyer it has to be in context, it shouldn’t be dumbed down and it should be free of mis interpretation.

I hope this is where we score over other help sites. The problem, and there are always problems in any endeavour, is that we may be seen as a little bit too serious and a little too formal. I want to re-assure anyone who thinks that they may  be intimidated by our directness that, we do what works. Sure it’s nice to hear that everything will be alright, but no-one can guarantee that. No-0ne can guarantee that there won’t be severe turbulence on your flight, the only thing that can be said is that severe turbulence is very unlikely, personally I have flown in severe turbulence only twice in 53 years of flying.

So we’re the straight talking site. We’re also something else … we’re the last stop for people who have done the airline course and succeeded but lapsed,  or who have done the airline course and not overcome their fear, and for people who haven’t succeeded with hypnotism or other therapies. We actually succeed with people who have a very bad fear of flying.

We’re also the site that has a genuine and personal interest in people. We’re interested in you more as a person, than as a customer. Sometimes I might have to ask you to remind me about yourself simply because we get to know so many people … but often without actually meeting them.

From this week we hope to be able to direct more resources and keeping everyone up to date on the various social media activities on the net. Currently we have this blog, a monthly newsletter a twitter feed, Facebook and a private network on the Premium Course. So there should be something for everyone. I will try my very best to communicate on these channels more often than I have been able to do previously.

We are at the point where we either challenge those who copy us or we give in to their enormous brand dominance.

If you get some benefit from what we do I need your help in spreading the word.

Maybe you could send our website information to everyone in your address book. Remember not everyone who has a fear of flying tells their friends or associates.

If you’d like me to come on a practice flight with you preferably from Gatwick then I’ll be happy to help you.


Captain Keith

*An example of this was our questions and answers book, flying without fear. About a year after publication  another company that works ‘in association with’ Virgin Airways published their own version.

After we revamped the book and included information on therapy and motivation British Airways produced a book. One of the people who purchased my version was the author of a subsequent BA fear of flying book. However  I was given an assurance that nothing would be taken from my book. And not without coincidence another airline course uses very similar explanations to mine about  treating  the brain as a computer hard drive and re-formatting it.

Finally after the launch of our Premium on-line course a search on fear of flying brings up the word Premium on the  related British Airways fear of flying site,  the Virgin ‘in association with’ site and the Easyjet fear of flying site.
I don’t care … because they’ll never be able to do it as  personally as we do … I just wanted you to know why they are so good. Good, but not better.


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