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Air Show Crash Shoreham UK and its associated websites has always maintained the principle of factually correct and unambiguous information to help fearful flyers. We strive to use language and descriptions that is consistent with those values and also explains aspects of aviation in a way that helps fearful flyers to overcome their fears.

    The descriptions and eye witness accounts of the crash of the 1960’s fighter jet at a flying display are the opposite of what we try to do. It is inevitable that witnesses to an accident of any type are likely to be in a state of shock and their recall of events is going to be influenced by ignorance, emotion and the the views of other witnesses.

There was an experiment many years ago where air accident investigators were taken on a boat trip and by chance during their excursion witnessed the ‘antics’ of an aeroplane which flew near them. Some of those on board were subsequently told that the plane had crashed while others were just told that it had landed safely. Despite the fact that they were all qualified air accident investigators their reports were wildly different.

    Those who believed that the plane had crashed attributed more recklessness to the ‘display’ they witnessed, while the remainder reported it fairly accurately.
    This is a well known human quality. Indeed we adjust our views of events according to our beliefs and opinions.

What has all this to do with a fearful flyers? This example should explain. One report of the crash suggested that the pilot of this plane could not have ‘ejected’ because this is possible only in level flight. That is untrue. The same reporter said that the pilot could not have taken his hands off the controls because the aircraft would immediately go nose down. This is neither true nor untrue … it’s just not knowable what state of ‘trim’ the aircraft was in. The pilot was flying the plane too slowly … unknowable. So many reports of this tragedy do not stand scrutiny.

As always I have to re-state and emphasise that you must ignore what you hear or see reported about aircraft incidents and accidents.

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Captain Keith


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