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The personal fear of flying course

I never ask people for testimonials and neither do I take’ before and after’ videos. To me, helping people to overcome their fear of flying is a private contract between me and my customers. Some people may want to keep their fears private and not advertise to friends and workmates this part of their life.

Nothing would promote this course more than smiling faces telling the world how wonderful they feel and how they now plan to see the world. But that’s not our style, we’ll leave the bragging to the big brands.

We also say that when someone has been on our course they can either stay in touch if it helps them, or if they want to start their new flying career without looking back at how they were then we understand that too.

So when when someone does write about how they feel, it’s worth listening to I think.

This is a recent comment in reply to another fearful flyer.

“That will be me then, an amazing day and a course I would recommend to anybody who has a fear of flying. I now have knowledge, strategies and a control of my fear I never believed I could have ! I never thought I would say this but I wish I did not have to wait until November to fly – I want to put to the test what I have learnt. Who would have thought that from someone who previously cancelled holidays through fear ! To think I can do this is a huge achievement for me.”


Captain Keith


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