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Fear of flying Blog

It seems that there has been nothing of great importance in the last few months that has been of significance to fearful flyers.

As a result this blog has been rather quiet. With the introduction of the new on line course our attention has been focussed on the glitches that occur on any new website. However much we have tried to make the experience problem free, there have been some unexpected out turns.

Until the next time we’re confident that the site is running as we planned.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the on line course, here are a few details.

The course is designed to bring to anyone, anywhere in the world, the course that we offer here in the UK. The sorts of interactions we develop during the live course are replicated digitally. The course will address your personal anxieties because you can choose from hundreds of articles, videos, sound tracks, presentations that help you to overcome your fear.

But you won’t have to search thru’ the equivalent of the Encyclopaedia Brittanica each time to find because there’s a facility for you to put it into your personal library which is just a click away on every page.

In a world where most things are expressed in 154 characters I’m just going to leave a link to make it easier for you!


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