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On-line Fear of Flying Course

There’s nothing worse than promising to do something and not fulfilling that promise.

Somewhat embarrassingly I’ve been promising to make  the new on line course available for a while now and at each moment of the launch we’ve been faced with the dilemmas of correcting a small problem, upgrading the site or adding a feature that will improve the navigation of the site.

With nearly a hundred articles and hours of video, presentations and audio files to navigate through we want the user experience to be good from the  first page you look at.

The on line program is revolutionary and innovative ….

Here’s a recent screen shot of something that will help you to go flying.

It’s called Flight Board. You enter your flight, tell us the things that worry you most about flying like turbulence or take off and post it to the site. We’ll then keep in touch with you , and so will everyone else on the course and give you support and advice on the run up to your flight. It’s a fear of flying Facebook!

You’ll see on this mock up that I’m flying from San Francisco to Newark, it tells me that’s in 8 days time, so other people will know and be able to encourage me along the way. Other members can see that my main concerns are Landing and taking off and “that right now I’m feeling confident but that I know that I wan’t be so good nearer the flight.


This means that support is given at the right time and directed to the right subjects.

Below this panel on the site is the ‘Facebook’  style interface for conversation, advice, support  and chat.



This is just one of the many helpful features on the course.
If you want to know more, email me on
Captain Keith


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