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Across the Atlantic with a fearful flyer!

This is a message posted on our fear of flying community LogBook 24/7 which incidentally has 3002 members. Why not join?

Dear all,

So I’m back from my long long trans Atlantic flight. I took 3 planes to my destination and then 3 planes back. I had experienced some light turbulence, night flight, flight over water and so on. Now I can say one thing – THANK YOU CAPTAIN KEITH !!! I really can fly again ! I do not feel stress before flight, I feel com

fortable during flight and I really enjoy flight ! One thing what still concerns me is take off and turbulence. That’s it.

Everything else is just nice experience.

What really helped me is understanding how plane flies, analyzing myself, possibilities and statistics and finally realizing that biggest damage is done by media ! Yes, really, those stories make everything just worse.

So I skip media, I just focus on facts, listen to audio CD from Keith  and do not have any problems :) Flying again this week and feel excited. I hope I can keep up my spirit like this for long time or maybe it will even go better :)

Also thank you all for advises, tips and support. I will still keep practicing my techniques and keep myself focused on facts, otherwise it might get worse again. Especially if I will experience some not nice flight. So I’m still with you :)


Another fearful flyer succeeds by sheer determination, courage, support, knowledge and facing the fear


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