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Security measures

I understand that you may feel that flying isn’t as safe today as it was last week, because of the new security checks. I haven’t time now but in the next week I’ll post a message here on threatS, hazards, risks, violations and so on.

We tend to use the terms incorrectly drifting from one use to another, but in aviation we have them defined accurately which helps us to guard against the  things that you probably see as making flying more risky.

A quick comparison with F1 racing to explain:

Imagine a group of 20 motorists chosen at random to drive F1 cars on race day. Imagine the start and  worse still imagine the first corner.


You could list the ‘risks’.

  1. Collisions
  2. Wrong speed at the corners
  3. Different speeds
  4. Incorrect racing lines
  5. In ability to control the cars

BUT  in actual races there are few ‘accidents’, and the few there are are almost always survivable, and that’s because the cars are built for sustaining enormous forces on impact and there are collapsable crash barriers and so on .

So the whole environment of motor racing has been defined, assessed and the ‘risks’ guarded against.

That’s what we do in flying and that’s how security works. They meet threats with defences to reduce the risks.


Just follow the instructions from the security agencies.

Captain Keith




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