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5.0 out of 5 stars This book really helped me., 16 Mar 2014

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This review is from: Fly Without Fear (Kindle Edition)





I became a nervous flyer a few years ago and had to take diazepam to get on a plane, but even then I would get almost hysterical and cry. The fear seemed to get worse and worse rather than better. I finally decided I needed to do something to deal with the fear itself and after finding the website related to this book, I ordered the kindle version of this book too.

The website, and the book in particular, were very helpful. I only read the first half as I bought it too close to my flight but already it has covered every possible fear I have ever had, and some I hadn’t, with sensible facts that made my irrational fear seem ridiculous. So the last flight I went on, I took no pills and set the goal to “not cry on the plane”, as the author advises to set small goals to get over your fear. I did better than this.

By knowing everything that is supposed to happen on the flight and why, and by having a window seat on the wing, I could watch everything happen as it was supposed to. Being able to see out of the window really helped link the sensations with the fresh knowledge I had been given, and allowed me to see how the wings and flaps worked together to change the movement of the plane and cause the scary sensations. I didn’t panic when I felt the plane slowing down or heard the engines change noise as the book had explained why this would happen. I didn’t panic when we went through the clouds and it got a bit bumpy as I knew it was just the clouds and it didn’t affect the flying at all.

Even though I knew a lot of these things before, reading this book made it all seem more real and I understood the science behind it more. It was nice to learn about all of the training and testing pilots go through. And all the failsafes and checks that are built in to planning a route, preparing the plane and flying. It’s nice to know how far within the limits of a plane we fly. Even having to fly back after seeing the news of the missing Malaysia flight, combined with a bit of turbulence and a bumpy landing, was OK. I could just repeat some of the things from this book as a mantra and be OK.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend any nervous flyers read this book. I was still nervous, but nothing compared to how I usually am and I know that next time will be even better. This book gave me an in depth understanding of everything that ever scared me, and went way beyond what I imagined with regards to all the safety precautions. For every “but what if” you have, this book has an answer. I would also recommend booking a window seat as seeing outside really helped me to KNOW that the plane wasn’t falling out of the sky every time we slowed down a little.

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant aid to overcoming your fear, 24 Feb 2014

By Claire Sheppard 

This review is from: Fly Without Fear (Kindle Edition)

At the beginning of 2013 I hadn’t flown for years and the thought absolutely terrified me – now I have done 8 flights in the past year, two of them alone, and this book along with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy has been the key source to helping me. It really helped me to understand how planes work and why they are safe and gave me a huge amount of confidence in them as a form of transport. It explained noises and sensations that I was then able to remind myself of as they occurred on the flight, and therefore reassure myself that just because the flight feels uncomfortable it does not mean it is dangerous. I read this before every trip I am taking to refresh my mind – there is a list of 50 useful facts at the end which are a great quick reference. After reading other reviews I have purposely not read part 2 of the book – the psychology – in part because I was doing CBT anyway (which I would highly recommend, you can do it through the NHS) so I cannot comment on this section, but Captain Keith’s narrative has certainly reassured me about the safety of flying – once I’m up in the air I can even relax and enjoy it! I hope he reads these reviews – thank you Keith.


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