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Our new on line course

I feel like a mix of Enzo Ferrari and Apple inc. Never quite keeping to what I say I’m about to do.

You may know that we’re developing, and have been for almost 3 years an on-line course that will help anyone, anywhere in the world. Each time we get to a few days/weeks of a launch we have another bright idea and  add it to the course.

There’s no-one more excited than I am about it because it will revolutionise on line learning with its unrivalled breadth, personalisation and interactivity.

We’ve got a system for keeping in touch with everyone during and after the course and for helping in the run up to a flight. It’s based on the course that we run on our plane, so turning that into ‘digital’  interactivity has been fun!

Every subject you can think of will be catered for and every question you can think of will be answered.

I have to keep most of it a secret but believe me I can’t wait to launch it as soon as my  ‘perfectionist’ developers will let me.

If you want to book a seat on a course that could let you see the world, drop me a line at and when you sign up on line you’ll get 25% off the starting price of £99.99


Captain Keith



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