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Flying as we speak … the personal touch

Here is  a post from our community. I’m here to help and this was one of four calls that day.


“Thanks A, I spoke to Keith earlier today and it really calmed me down, I’m not feeling as stressed as I usually am at this point. We went through every “doubt” that goes through my head like the noises and the feelings at certain points during the take of and it really helped, I’ve wrote them down and I think it might help me by letting my cousin know why its so bumpy or what that noise was out loud even if she doesn’t want to hear it ha.

5 hours until I get to the airport… Feeling excited and nervous at the same time is weird though


p.s Thanks again Keith, my mother said she was totally impressed at how I was laughing at some points during the phone call, apparently me and laughter while I’m taking about a flight has never been known!”


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