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LogBook 24/7 A community for fearful flyers

I found this site  (LOGBOOK24/7) after my daughter told me she was emigrating to Australia with my 2 young grandaughters and husband. I had never flown in my life and was terrified at the thought of getting on an aeroplane. I felt as though I would never see them again

Over 19 months the help, support, advice and friendship I got enabled me to be open and honest about how I felt regarding flying. I managed my first 2 flights 1.25hrs to Jersey and back in July 2007 just 4 months later, then 1hr to Dublin and back in August 2008, then I made the journey I never in a million years thought I could do……to Australia and back to see my family. 6 planes and approximatly 21,000 miles…..

I will be forever grateful to everyone who supported me on this incredible journey and the friendships I have made…………..I am living proof that no matter how bad you feel, with the right help and support……you can do it too.






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