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First Solo

This week is the anniversary of my first solo flight and this is the plane I flew. That was in 1961.

I remember my instructor saying that when you leave the plane you  put the side panels back up to the position they’re in when you’re flying, because if someone takes a photograph it looks smarter. Obviously the  pilot on this occasion had a different instructor.

Two years after my first solo I had enough hours  to become an instructor and actually got a job at the same club. Then the boss retired and I became the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) which in those days was a coveted position.

I spent many hours upside down in this plane … many hours flying too low over a girl friend’s house … and on one flight even under a bridge that crosses  the River Medway in Kent. Sure it was naughty but a young man has to do what a young man has to do.



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