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Dear Keith,

I am originally from the UK, but live full in Ireland.

You’re latest email just reminded me of my own journey from fearful flyer to eager beaver! I was lucky enough to be taken to Barbados as a gift back in 2008. In the years leading up to that I was a very fearful flyer, so much so that when my husband bought me surprise flights to the UK to enjoy my 30th Birthday I declined to go! However, when someone else had bought my ticket to Barbados I knew I couldn’t decline such a kind invitation.

So I set to work, bought your complete pack, CD’s, Books, DVD etc… it was most helpful! What I have found over the years since my purchase so useful is the factual elements of it, things that used to bother me because I was ignorant about it, like when the engines are throttled back (probably not the technical term) not long after take off etc… over the years I never travel without your little travel book, although I haven’t ever had to take it out of my bag, but its there for me should I need it.

At first when I first began to fly, and as I live in Ireland, I book alot of flights over to the UK, I would get to the airport so early so that I could get through security and get to the bar and have a little drink! Not sensible, not rational, not helpful! Now after your books/cd’s I don’t need a drink to fly at all and I love being at the airport early, but just so that I can enjoy the shopping etc, something I never could have concentrated on before.

Would you believe the same people who bought me a trip to Barbados in 2008 have paid once more for me to go this year for a special birthday. The feelings I had back in 2008 are simply vanished,that’s not to say that I don’t have my moments sometimes now .. like if we hit any turbulence, I simply say in my head “uncomfortable not dangerous” a few times and I’m fine then. Having your words and information in my head helps me through these vary rare moments …

I just wanted to share with you that your assistance, all be it the distance learning variety has really helped me overcome my fear, so much so that I would fly anywhere in the world now and I’m actually looking forward to flying to Barbados in the summer of this year. For me now, my flight becomes part of my holiday that I can enjoy not a means to an end that I have to endure!!

 On this basis I would highly recommend anyone who has any element of fear when flying to use your service.




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