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AA and not American Airlines either!

   ………I went from needing my husband as a companion, to needing other people from my company as companions,  to being able to fly alone.  I actually have flown to many places .. including places as far as Puerto Rico and Hawaii on my own.  I was able to advance to a VP of the company.
Here’s where you and your wonderful company come in to play.  I guess you’re sort of the AA of the fear of flying crowd.  Your information keeps me able to fly.  I found flyingwithoutfear early on in my return to flying.  I found it before I was able to fly alone.  It has been a tremendous help to me.  So the perspective is that your services are not just for folks that are still afraid of flying but also for us that have conquered the fear but need support to continue in our quest to fly to new places and experience all the world has to offer.
Thanks you,
(Buy me a small drink and I’ll be the chairman if you like…  Keith)


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