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Recent A380 Diversion

You’ve heard me say it lots of time that there is the world of difference between press reports about aircraft incidents, and the facts.

Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration

Cabin Crew Safety Demonstration


Today I have to add another dimension and that is the reports from passengers.

I looked at a passenger’s account. Whilst I have every sympathy for what would be an unexpected and worrying experience it could not be described factually like this:

“I literally thought we were all going to die. There was no warning, the plane just went into a deep descent, the masks dropped and you automatically thought we were going to crash. There was no other rational thought really. You couldn’t really look at it optimistically because you had never experienced anything like that before.”

The key is in ‘not having experienced anything like it’,  however there is a safety briefing that covers it and probably a safety card with a description on it as well.

This probably seems amazingly unsympathetic and blunt. That’s not my intention as I’m sure you know. BUT we have personal and collective responsibilities in circumstances where we are with other members of the public. In a hotel we should know the escape routes, we should know the emergency exits in the theatre, cinema or food hall. In a plane we have to listen to the briefings and acquaint ourselves with what might or could happen.

Of course there is no warning for a depressurisation or the subsequent descent. There is time to talk to the passengers,  but it is better spent in getting the plane to a lower altitude.

Of course it must have been a very upsetting experience but that doesn’t mean it’s life threatening.

Captain Keith


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