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… your course has, literally, changed my life.

Dear Captain Keith

I just wanted to say that your course has, literally, changed my life. I stopped flying around the time I was diagnosed with depression 6 years ago and couldn’t even look at a plane in the sky without feeling slightly sick. Every time members of my family flew I would be anxious.
However, after a lot of help from my Doctor and Therapist using CBT methods to help with my depression I decided it was time to tackle the fear and booked your course.
I have to say I have a lot more tolerance and sympathy now with people with fear.  And I think there were tears on your course, and my first flight after your wonderful course was really hard.
However, I have now taken my 8th flight, have visited my brother in Dubai and whooshed down water slides in the water park, walked around the Coliseum in Rome and attended a wedding in Glasgow all using the set of tools you taught me.  Lots of breathing and relaxation and a knowledge of just how safe I am.  Now, when I arrive at the airport in my car or train I say “that’s the dangerous part over”!
Thank you very very much for getting me back up there – I can now see a world filled with opportunity and adventure and am almost to the point where I actually quite enjoy take off! I would recommend it to anyone – it’s not easy but it’s worth it!
S (back-travelling!)


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