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Way back in 2005 I attended one of Keith’ s inaugural seminars, preparing to take a short flight to France.

Never in my wildest dreams then would I have considered that 8 years later I would have flown in a tiny 27 seater Jet stream 41 plane,

belonging to Yeti airways, on an early morning pleasure flight to view Mount Everest and surrounding high peaks in glorious sunshine and vivid blue sky. Have a certificate and photos to prove it!

Flight 1-LHR to New Delhi Boeing 777 Jet aways

Flight 2 Delhi to Amritsar Boeing 737 Jet connect

Flight 3 Varanasi to Kathmandu Airbus 321 Air India

Flight 4 Mountain flight Everest Jet stream 41Yeti air.

Flight 5 Pokhara to Kathmandu (this flight delayed for 2.5 hours due to Kathmandu airport closed for fog) Jet stream 41 Yeti air.

Flight 6 Kathmandu -Delhi Jet connect Boeing 737

Flight 7 Delhi – LHR Boeing 777 Jet Airways

Travelling by coach, Tuk Tuk , tonga ( horse drawn carriage) elephant, dug out canoe were far more  dangerous and terrifying than any of the flights.

Believe in yourself, feel the fear and do things, life is for living , I hope this post will inspire you to confront your own fears . Maybe attend one of Keith’s courses and learn as much about flying as you can to enable you to see the wonders of our world.

best wishes,



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