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Brooklands museum

You may know of Brooklands if you live in the UK. It was the first motor racing track in the country, recognisable by its banked track.

Years ago it became  a factory for some Vickers aircraft, notably the VC 10, which saw service with British Airways on its long haul routes. Last week the Royal Air Force flew its last flight in the role of airborne re-fuelling. There is a VC10 on display at the museum

But the best part of the day for me was to see a retired Vickers Viscount which was open to the public. I used to fly the Viscount on the Scottish highlands and Highlands route in the 70’s. The  plane seemed kind of familiar but it wasn’t until I’d be mooching around on it for ten minutes that I realised it was one that I used to fly. When I mentioned this to the guide he asked me if I’d sign the VIP book. On every page of the book there were signatures of people with whom I’d flown years and years ago.  The engineers on board were people that worked at Heathrow during the time I was there.   A pilot of 91  was sitting in the flight deck of another BA plane  telling visitors how it flew and all sorts!

Fabulous day.

So what’s the point of this blog … just to let you know how enthusiastic, pilots and engineers are about flying. I wonder if there’s any other job where people can say  the things that we can say, and at the same time be so amazingly (even boyishly) enthusiastic.

Ex Captain Keith





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