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Success down under.

Dear Captain Keith,
I have been meaning to contact you for some time to thank you for your support via your book and website.  As a result of reading the book and spending a lot of time viewing the videos and listening to the helpcasts etc I successfully flew on my own from Manchester to Brisbane and back this summer.  Taking your advice I also spent a long time watching planes taking off ‘perfectly normally’ and
in particular noted the banking which had been by big worry up to then. Reminding myself that ‘planes do  that’ at that stage in the ascent really helped enormously.
It was my first ‘solo’ flight, my first flight in nine years, and my first long haul flight. Thanks to all your help, the three legs each way, plus a return flight from Brisbane to Sydney were a dream.  I just kept telling myself the turbulence mantra, and reminding myself that the pilots know what they are doing and that the plane is designed to fly!  As a result, I spent the most wonderful three weeks with my daughter and son-in-law, and can honestly say that not for one second did I dwell on the return journey,  and thoroughly enjoyed the whole holiday.  I cannot begin to thank you enough.
Whilst staying in Brisbane I noticed the attached article in a free magazine and thought of you.  It seems to be written to feed into people’s fears of flying and may be of interest to you, bearing in mind your
approach to the subject. Apologies for possible poor quality of scan – I have the article which I could post if you prefer. All the very best and thank you for giving a 53 year old ex-fearful flyer the opportunity to make up for lost  time travelling our planet.
I have told everyone about the website!


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