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Fear of flying help

Summer here in the UK has been unusually hot and anyone worried about flying has been able to enjoy the holiday season without thinking about going abroad. However  in the autumn and winter we see a renewed interest in people wanting to address their fears.

Even if the years and seasons change the anxieties caused by flying remain the same. Top of the list is turbulence, then taking off, movements of the plane, bad experiences and so on. People who suffer from panic attacks or claustrophobia have similar symptoms and can usually deal with their worries in similar ways.

If you haven’t visited our comprehensive website then it’s the first thing to do. You’ll find hundreds of pages of useful help  and guidance. If you want to share your worries or see how other people deal with their fears have a look in and join our fearful flyers’ community … it’s free and will soon be welcoming its 3000th member.


You can join here LOGBOOK 24/7

Here’s a picture of a plane, in my eyes a beautiful sight. But then you’d expect me to say that … in november I celebrate  54 years of being a pilot.

Aircraft climbing after take-off
Aircraft climbing safely after take-off


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