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A fear of flying question … and answer

Hi Captain Keith,

I want to say a big thank you once again for all your help and advice at putting my mind at rest before going on another flight, the flight was fine and so were the cabin crew, our return flight was a night time one and I wasn’t so keen on that, I definately prefer day time flying, but like you said before you have to try these things before making any decisions rather than listening to peoples comments, apart from your good self of course due to your flying expertise …

Now unfortunately I am a person who always questions everything and even though I have proved to myself once again that flying is nothing to worry about I do have another question, when I was at Reus airport waiting for our return flight my partner brought me some perfume and my daughter brought one or two things, my question is this, if your hand luggage is 10kg what happens about the weight if you buy items at the airport which may take your hand luggage over the specified 10kg … I will be uploading photos shortly of the holiday. (ON LOGBOOK 24/7)



The weights used by the airlines for personal baggage is a fixed amount. It used to be 78 Kilos for a male passenger and 68 Kilos for a female. In addition there is an allowance, as you say for hand baggage. it matt seem odd to you that we calculate the weight of the plane to the nearest Kilo but use average weights for that calculation … but on average ¬†passengers each take an average amount of baggage and this is on the generous side which means thgat the plane will always be lighter than the calculations allow for. This is on the safe side.

It’s very unlikely that all the passengers will exceed their allowance. I know this may seem less than perfect to you as a nervous passenger but the total of the passengers’ hand baggage will always be a small proportion of the total weight of the plane .


Captain Keith



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