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“this book could change peoples’ lives forever! “

Dear Captain Keith,


I have recommended your book to just about everyone I know.

Prior to reading this book, I would absolutely dread getting on a plane. I would get crazy anxiety on the plane and have to take lots of drinks and tylenol pm to get on a plane. Every second in the air I would pray that we wouldn’t drop out of the sky.

Now, I am extremely relaxed on the plane. I typically sit over the wing or towards the front of the plane because the unexpected dropping feeling usually occurs in the back of the jet. I might have one beer to get rid of my jitters, but it’s nothing like before.

This book helped me understand every little detail that my anxious mind needed to know. After reading this book, I went from taking 2-4 flights per year to getting on 24 flights last year (4 over 10 hours). If you want to live your life and conquer your fear of flying, get this book asap! It is sooo well worth it. This should put a copy of this book in every doctor’s office because this book could change peoples’ lives forever!

Every time I see a plane taking off, I wish I was on it. I am even trying to get a job with an airline because I want to fly around the world.

Thank you Captain Keith!


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