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Money money money and flying without fear

Today I was at a local business group and our speaker was a chap who deals with financial planning. His presentation was excellent, it was well constructed well delivered and was of interest to his audience. It was clear and moved logically from one point to another and  ended  with a good summary.

He described  financial planning using assets, like a house, investments, savings, businesses and so on. These he put into a bucket. Then he drew a tap on the bucket which explained outgoings, which varied according to the needs and wants of the owner.  He added taps according to the stage of life and  responsibilities. He suggested that, one way or another the ‘best’ plan was to leave nothing owing to the taxman on the last day!

This meant adapting spending according to assets, time and need.

It occurred to me that any fearful flyer could adopt a similar plan. Most fearful flyers believe that they have no assets. They believe that ‘expenditure’ will be a one off  event. They believe that their assets don’t have an ‘interest’ value just a capital value. They believe that they cannot use a ‘savings’ plan.  All these things can be adapted to your fear of flying.

It was only in  a chat afterwards that he agreed their are some firms that offer more than they can deliver. How can, for example, a company offer 15-20% returns when the going rate is about 3% . there must be a catch, because if it seems too good to be true then it probably is.

Invest now in your flying future(s) by considering your strategy. There are no quick fix solutions, no miracle cures.

There’s effort and time to be invested … invest your time with us and get a good return … flight.


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Captain Keith




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