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Accident at San Francisco. Ignore speculative comments

I’m sure that by now you will have heard about the accident  to the Asiana Airways Boeing 777.
I receive newsletters from a number of aviation sources but the one that has caught my attention is from a fear of flying web site. In it there is a claim that one of the passengers thought the plane was flying too low.
There is no way in which anyone can know the speed of the plane without reference to the instruments. Unfortunately this statement is then expanded into “there is no excuse for flying too slow or too low when landing.” Well of course there isn’t but we don’t know that this is the case yet.
Sadly this sort of comment from a respected source  does nothing to ease the anxieties of fearful flyers.
My suggestion is that we should wait until the investigators have seen the flight recorder and interviewed the crew.
Meanwhile I re-emphasise the value of reading the safety leaflet and listening to the safety briefing.
When you get on board:
  1. Count the seat rows to your nearest exit(s).
  2. Rehearse the procedure for getting on to the escape slide.
  3. Plan what you will do in the event of hearing the command to ‘Evacuate’
  4. Decide who will be responsible for any children you are travelling with.
  5. Don’t waste time wondering if anyone else intends to evacuate the plane.
  6. Get as far away from the aircraft as you can  at least 200 metres.
  7. Get out of the way of rescue personnel and vehicles.
There will plenty of idiots doing that …


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